What is the best way to get him out!?

Question by M j: What is the best way to get him out!?
So…. I have posted about this before and got some good answers. I will try to give as much of the back story as possible. I have been living with my fiance for about a year now, before then we where in a long distance relationship for about 2 years. He is a model from Czech Republic (half black half white). He is 25 I am a 29 year old professional black woman. I have never really trusted him because of little things that i felt. Right before he asked me to marry him he had a “Friend” on a website that I knew he had a thing going on with. I told him that he could no longer be in communication with her because he told me he wanted to come live with me to see if things could work out. The very next day she changed her status from in a relationship to single. Everyone around me told me to trust him even thought i would get clues that they where still in communication. Anyway he goes to Europe 2x a year for a month for fashion week, but before then we didn’t talk for a month, and we live together. We have gotten into fights because I tried to discuss issues with him. He has gotten violent before. We hardly have sex. The only thing he has done was by furniture for the appartment that he liked but in terms of a real connection between us; we just could achieve it. Before he went to Europe this last time I saw this same girl on his Skype and asked him about it… He said that she was just on there and he didn’t speak to her. I let it go but in my mind I also let our relationship go. While he was away I met someone who really made me feel special and spoke to me about my relationship and shared that he had feelings for me, but I told him that I was in a relationship so he said he will be there for me. When my fiance returned. I didn’t want to have sex with him. I felt funny about the relationship and told him i needed some time. The second time he tried and I wouldn’t he was forcefull but I told him NO!

He became so angry but I kept my cool and tried to talk to him about it. He said “DO you think I will stick around for this!” We where on the street and he walked away from me. We didn’t talk for the next week and a half. The first 2 night he stayed out until 3 in the morning and would come in slamming doors (knowing that I had to go to work early in the morning). I started staying over a friends house so i could get some sleep.

Yesterday I found his camera that he left at home while he was in Europe and it was full of pictures of him and that girl in a hotel room with suggestive pictures. I know he ment for me to find it so that it would spark some fight, but I put it right back where I found it. I already wanted him to move out before I found it, but now should I pack his stuff and have it downstairs or call a cop to watch him pack. He can be very confrentational. He is staying in my condo and his name isn’t on the lease. Should I even tell him that I saw the pics? I don’t want to give him the satisfaction

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Answer by matt
dont even let him collect his things take ’em to a charity shop or even better burn em, plain and simple.

he’s not worth the shit on your shoes

get rid of him and find someone new that piece of shit deserves to be homeless and on the streets!

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  1. mark says:

    Tell him goodbye , and let him get his stuff. Call the police station, non-emergency number and ask what the suggest. It might be best to have the police nearby if he has been violent before.

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