Czech out Prague for business opportunities with the help of express delivery services

Czech out Prague for business opportunities with the help of express delivery services

The transformation of the Czech Republic since the break-up of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc has been remarkable. From being a city closed off to much of Western business, it now positively welcomes companies from all over the world, with many business sectors thriving, and attracting workers from a wide range of other countries.

The country’s capital, Prague is also a major centre of international business, with service industries especially seeing the city as an ideal base for operations covering all of the European mainland. Science and research have become major contributors to the city’s economy, with international companies such as Honeywell, Siemens and Sun Microsystems all having substantial presences in the city.

The city attracts about one-fifth of all inward investment into the Czech Republic, and with this has come an influx of workers from many other parts of Europe. It is estimated that more than 148,000 – or about one in six – of the city’s workforce is non-Czech, many of these working in its burgeoning service sector, which now provides about 80 per cent of all jobs.

Home to the oldest university in central and eastern Europe, Charles University, Prague also now has branches of two leading American universities – the Universities of New York and Northern Virginia – and attracts large numbers of foreign students each year.

As such a magnet for both visitors and people opting to live and work here, Prague has a strong need for reliable and efficient parcel delivery services.

Many delivery companies compete for the business of the many new and longer-established concerns, and play a vital role in the city’s economy and its drawing in of foreign investment.

The city’s central location makes it easy to reach by air, rail and road. Ruzyne International Airport has grown into one of the busiest airports in central and eastern Europe. The road network, which has suffered from congestion in the past, is also being improved, with a new southern ring road, and 3.7-mile road tunnel through the north-west of the city greatly helping enhance communications from the rest of Europe.

The availability of timely and reliable delivery services to Prague is key to the city’s importance as a commercial centre, and has played a major role in attracting the massive investment which has been seen.

And while its economic growth has slowed, its undoubted strategic importance will continue to be a factor which means top-level businesses – and more jobs – will continue to be attracted to the city, along with the services, such as parcel delivery, necessary to support them.

Prague parcel delivery services are available by going online. Having chosen from the many available, from the world’s best-known world couriers, arranging a parcel delivery to the Czech Republic is quick and straightforward.

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