Religiosity in the Czech Republic Here Ashley talks about religiosity in the Czech Republic. Though surveys say the Czech Republic is the most atheist …

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10 Responses to Religiosity in the Czech Republic

  1. Martin Šriber says:

    1. “True” (and only) atheist is one, who doesn’t believe in any gods…
    2. Czech atheism isn’t consequence of communism – Slovakia was part of the
    same country and is majorly catholic…

  2. Karl von Bahnhof says:

    my grandparents were strongly religious, they didnt talk to each other for
    last twenty years of their lives but could not divorce because of God, who,
    in my eyes, became some kind of dictator, who is trying to prevent people
    to be happy by ordering and forbidding things

  3. GodmyX says:

    Most of Czechs are (unfortunately) not really atheists but they are just
    gullible people ready believe WHATEVER (spiritualisms, new age, eastern
    religions, conspiracy theories, other false ideologies…anything you name
    that has no bases in reality but a lot of bases in superstitions). So the
    Czech Republic (even though it is fully secular) is in its mentality
    sometimes rather (very sadly) ‘a very modern pagan country’ (by a pagan
    understand pre-Christian society having its various fragmented beliefs
    unfounded in reality). That doesn’t mean there are not people who are truly
    atheists, truly skeptics, but the atheism there is really as the woman said
    rather ‘cultural’ (=inherited). And I pity that and I hope that some
    powerful false ideology is not going to take over before people have grown
    enough enough to be truly skeptical and not ready to believe to easy
    explanations (as to conspiracy theories <= those are really the new religion most of Czechs seem to agree on....and that is just detrimental). It is true however that the people here seldom join any sect or church: it is rather just their mental state. But otherwise a fully secular country without any traces of any church having some power in the public issues. The educational system is 100% secular I am happy to say :-)

  4. cmarek1989 says:

    This country used to be very religious I’d say. At least I remember my
    grand grandmother to be very christian-like (and her God obviously loved
    her, because she died few months before her 100 birthday at the age of 99,
    what a blessed age)… But Czech people always ask questions about
    everything so i guess it was just a matter of time before we all end up
    atheists :).
    Anyway, as she is pointing out, we do not believe in god…that idea is
    just silly…comon..guy sitting on a cloud, watching us how we beat the
    crap out of each other. But we also think that there might be possibility
    of something bigger than us. Maybe something like force of nature…power
    of universe or as i like to call it “the higher order”? English translation
    might sound silly, but you get the idea :)). So there you go…explanation
    of this weird czech atheist nature :)

  5. levski19 says:

    Well from what I know it’s not just due to communism, it’s part of Czech
    history. The church was seen as an oppressor during the time of the
    Austrian/Austro-hungarian empire. Communism just exploited the situation to
    their own gain. The exact opposite happened in Bulgaria were the church
    isperceived as a protector of Bulgarian national consciousness during the
    hard years of muslim rule and after that as an tool against the greek
    propaganda and the communist one as well.
    Maybe Poland would have been a better example,being as well a catholic
    country but I specialize in the history of the orthodox nations so I’m not
    that well informed on the situation there.

  6. Martin Indra says:

    When I was a child I was thinking that religion is something from mid-age
    history and nobody believes in these days.

    I was brought up in Prague so all my family (including the oldest members)
    teachers, classmates and friends was (explicit) atheists. I was 15 when I
    met the very first religious person.

    According to my guess there is few percent of religious people at most in
    Prague. Statistics say that there are more religious people in here (20% –
    40%) but if you lived here you feel like literary everyone is atheist.

    Most people are not only irreligious but relate very negatively towards any
    religion. I don’t think that communism is the only reason for that, it is
    much more complex stuff. Starting with Hussites, ending with contemporary
    Church/believers behaviour.

    Most people here, including me, think that such issues as woman rights,
    homosexuality repressions, terrorism, xenophobia, aggression are partly
    related/caused by religion. 

  7. willyale90 says:

    I don’t know why.. but you come off as if you think being an atheist is

  8. marklar2012 says:

    Well its not only because of communism. It flows from history there was an
    era when churches were selling these „sin bribes“ or how to call it and
    people bought it to get rid of the sins. And there was priest Jan Hus and
    others that were talking against that and in the end it went to political
    thing and he was burned in place called Kostnice. And this event went
    to Hussite wars. And this was I think first thing that went into skepticism
    about organized religion. 

  9. ShotJon says:

    Hi, I am from Czech Republic. It is not exactly just because communism, we
    have bad experience with repression of beliefs especially by Catholic
    churh. I suggest you look up Hussite Wars on wiki and waht lead to them.
    Over the centuries, we just formed mistrust to organised religion. But I
    also think it gave us a lot of tolerance. Sort of in a way “You can believe
    in what you want and I will believe in what I want. At least this is how I
    see it. That said I am not an atheist.

  10. Krara Houssam says:

    Czechs have thorough dislike toward organized religion and detest what
    organized church represents. Any case, Czechs are very spiritual, many
    believe in magics and God without acknowledge it openly. One thing you will
    hear from Czechs “I do not believe in God, but I am afraid when I die, he
    will punish me in hell for that”.

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