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Nainital is a summer retreat located in the beautiful Kumaon region of Uttaranchal. It is strikingly gorgeous abode of freshness and raw natural beauty. Nainital also holds special significance in the Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Nainital is one of the 64 Shakti Peeths bestowed with some of the burned part of (Sati) Goddess Parvati. Another ancient myth describes Naini Lake as Tri- Rishi- Sarovar. The story goes that once there was no water in the town and hence three sages namely Atri, Pulaha and Pulastya dug a hole and filled it with the holy water of pious Lake Mansarovar in Tibet to make the present day Naini Lake. A dip in this lake is considered auspicious and showers blessings and immense good fortune.

Nainital is named after the vivacious lake the Naini lake, the heart and tourist hub of the hill station. People enjoy boating and sitting by the lake for hours and hours. The pleasant weather and cool breeze are refreshing change from the extreme climate of the plains. Nainital is fondly called the Lake District of India due to the liveliness and supplementary charm that the Naini Lake offers to the region.

Apart from the Naini Lake the other famous tourist spots of the calm and composed colonial hill town are listed below-

· The Naini peak or the China peak- the highest peak of Nainital. It offers panoramic view of hills and a good trekking experience.

· The bustling Mall- full of all the action, chirpiness and vibrancy. Here you can find abundance of malls, eating joints, shops and hotels. So the best place to splurge!

· Nainital Zoo- come close to animal friends at the zoo and sight Himalayan black bear, snow leopard and many other rare species.

· Governor house of the Raj Bhavan- known for its sprawling gardens and high standard of cleanliness and maintenance.

· Eco Cave garden- a place where you can get to know and learn more about ecosphere.

· European structured buildings, schools and institutes dedicated to research in various scientific field representing a unique architecture of the colonial era.

· Hill side strolls, moonlight nights, sunrise and sunset views and an ecstatic experience amidst Kumaon hills.

Over the past few years Nainital has been witnessing more and more inflow of tourists. To serve such a huge rush of visitors many hotels in Naintal have sprung up in the last decade. Most of these hotels are economical, well managed and offer a comfortable stay. Some of the best hotels in Nainital are situated around the Mall. They are budget hotels usually costing Rs 1000-2000 per night on twin sharing basis. You can also look out for additional discount if moving in large groups or in off season. Hotels in Nainital also offer various facilities such as hygienic ambiance, sumptuous food, high levels of maintenance, travel assistance, sight seeing excursions and car transfers. Hotel Anamika is one such budget hotel in Nainital dedicated to serve the tourists with superlative facilities of accommodation and food.

Make sure you research a bit on the best deals on hotels in Nianital and make your outing to the Lake District if India pleasant, refreshing and economical.

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