Northern Cyprus Hotels

Northern Cyprus Hotels

The holiday market is rapidly changing, and whilst today’s economic climate is no help to travel companies, there has never been a better time to book a hotel direct. The world is full of interesting places to visit, but this year it’s definitely time to re-visit one of the wonderful North Cyprus hotels and see all that this glorious part of the Mediterranean has to offer.One of the many delights of this fabulous resort is that, certainly compared to its partner in the south of the island,Northern Cyprus remains relatively quiet.The main towns are bustling and full of shops and businesses, but get away from these and along the coast, and it’s as if you have entered a different world. The Karpas peninsula, covering thousands of acres of the north-eastern tip of Cyprus, really is like “the land that time forgot”. Here you can still drive for half an hour without seeing another car, find deserted beaches and come across tiny villages that look unchanged for centuries and where people still farm with donkeys rather than tractors.

For many years after the early 1970s, Cyprus remained a truly divided country, with the Greek Cypriots in the south and the Turkish Cypriots in the north.The border was monitored and patrolled by the United Nations, and crossing it was only barely possible with a great deal of forward planning and masses of paperwork.This situation meant that North Cyprus became effectively an annexed part of Turkey and the only way to reach it was by a flight via the Turkish mainland. Simple enough, and many took advantage of it, but long and tedious, involving at least a touchdown en-route, and frequently a change of aircraft and a long wait.But no more! For a few years now, the border between the countries has been completely open, and as south Cyprus is a full member of the European Union, anyone holding an EC passport can cross with ease. The big news for anyone looking at staying at a Northern Cyprus hotel, is that this means flights are now straightforward and quick. Larnaca airport in the south is close to the border and only a short taxi ride to most of the resorts in the north. Larnaca has many flight routes, not only from all the major UK airports, but also from many regional ones together with most mainland European cities as well.

So, now you can reach North Cyprus with ease, how about somewhere to stay? Well, the choice is massive. Despite its relative seclusion, the country’s hotel industry is vibrant and world class. Northern Cyprus hotels include a number of five-star plus establishments, which boast all the facilities you could ever want. However, to many people this is not what a holiday in Cyprus is about.The island is famed for its friendly people and an old-fashioned approach to life, in the best possible way – not to mention its excellent food. For this reason,many visitors look for a smaller hotel,and there are some that really are truly excellent;offering superb facilities, but with a much more personal touch.There really is somewhere here for everybody!

The choices appear endless, but there are a few hints to help you get the most from a break.North Cyprus has some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches, but the coast around the main resort (the wonderful harbour town of Kyrenia) is comparatively rocky. Kyrenia and the surrounding areas offer easy access to all the best places of interest, and the area is home to a wide variety of restaurants and tavernas. Unless you want to spend every day on the beach,it’s probably best to look at one of the smaller, nearby hotels and then hire a car to get to the beach some days. Within a twenty-minute drive there are some spectacular beach clubs, with excellent facilities. Perfect for a little “sun, sand and sea” therapy. It’s probably best to choose somewhere quiet to stay, maybe in one of the villages close to Kyrenia, as this will give you easy access to everything you could want, and provide you with a peaceful haven. All the better places have excellent pools and ample terrace areas, so you will never be far from the sun!

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